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Embracing and loving what half a century of bouncing around has taught me.

Don't bounce too hard, too fast,too slow and whatever I do, I do at my own rhythm.

Revelations of Violeta

Das Buch Posted on Sat, June 02, 2018 20:14:59

Going to Auntie Lena’s restaurant always brought a bag full of mixed emotions. She wasn’t particularly fond of me, my aunt wasn’t. She seemed a little too cross, a critique always at hand and no opportunity wasted to correct me or any child she had not borne. Violeta, her youngest, was spoiled rotten and always got her way, which made for often dull playtime or getting into constant trouble; and although I was a year older than Vi, the little rule follower in me did NOT enjoy those daring games at all. I did love my cousin, and still do, but it was not always so much fun to be around her. I suspect i developed a grudge when she trained her pet monkey to chase after me.

That day in particular the Larsons were in town and when they were havoc ensued. We were to have late lunch together, the restaurant was not that full so it could accommodate all 8 of them, my aunts, mom and those close friends who always appeared at the promise of a free meal. A long table was set for us kids, servers fussing around us and serving delicious restaurant food at a time where eating out was still a treat. I was sitting beside Monica, one of my favorites of the Larson bunch, I was about seven at the time and Moni just 2 years older. Vi was being particularly vicious that day, the queen bee sitting at the head of the table and her worker bees buzzing around, feeding her ego by the minute. The boys were across the table, being rambunctious enough to annoy us girls, but not so much to draw the wrath of their Mom and Grandma. From the corner of my eye I could see Violeta laughing out loud but her eyes fixed on me, strangely so. My instinct told me something nasty was coming my way.

Why are you so tall? My auntie Maggie and your dad aren’t -she asked at the top of her voice.

The kids table grew silent, some looked at me, others dropped their eyes to the floor. There was a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, my parents had told me:

‘Because in Spain my uncles are very tall, My Dad’s brother’s are almost 2 meters told”, I replied, instinctively bracing myself for SOMETHING to come.

And why are you so dark?

By now the older Larsons were giving her murderous looks, shuffling in their seats. I knew something was going on I just didn’t know what. It seemed that everybody was in on something except me. I did not like that feeling, did not like it one bit.

“They are tall too and look like me” i replied, a little less confident. “They have curly hair too”, I mumbled

“Is that right?” she said, mockingly “and then why…” whatever she was going to say next, was drowned by my cousins angrily hushing her. Moni took my hand and literally dragged me to the bathroom, I was terribly confused and feeling hurt, without an obvious reason, I just knew she was, somehow, being mean to me.


Corny Cornelia Posted on Mon, November 21, 2016 10:18:58

SO damned inspired, my head is bursting

We can make a difference, let’s do it!

Invest yourself

The possibilities are mind blowing!

Life is wonderful!

ALMOST there

Random nonsense Posted on Sat, November 19, 2016 08:48:51

So my feet are touching the ground and my head is leaving the clouds.

I’m almost back to normal on matters of the heart; now in matters of the biz that is quite a different story,

The drive and excitement!!
SO much to do! So many possibilities!

Life is good!


Ranting / Raving Posted on Thu, November 17, 2016 19:02:18

Staying connected beyond A&T + Verizon marketing campaigns can be quite the challenge. We are so used to this virtual world of non communication where a poke and a like have taken the place of a call and a chat.

There is somebody (not really, not likely, not sure) in my life whom I care deeply about, our friendship is turning into a one way chasing street an there is little to no feedback. When I positively can not bear it any longer and I reach out, there is always a pleasant conversation with an apology for the “disconnect”.

That has lead me to give some thought to the concept of Connectivity.

One can hardly have a disconnect if there has been no real ongoing “connecting” regardless if there is a practical or spiritual, invisible liaise between two people; the latter is a magical yet not practical connection.

The universe (god, goddess, karma, the angels, Ala or what ever flavor you favor) provides us ever so rarely with this almost magical connections; it is our duty to recognize, our job to foster and a privilege to enjoy them. It takes loving, tender, caring work for these liaisons to develop to their potential, while negligence and carelessness takes the life and light out of those very special bonds.

The practical connections are our every day interactions with people who come and go, might be friends, workmate, business associates, lovers, even family. Those one require certain amount of effort to, yet they are common in nature.

Pondering on what that “disconnect” -as my friend put it- was doing to me… or rather what I was allowing to do to me, i noted a sense of loss and sadness; not belonging, confusion non-importance and utter disbelief. How can I care so damned much and inspire so little? Being the woman that I am, once I realized how deep in self pity avenue I was traveling I tapped into all sorts of Buddhist resources which brought me a small level of peace and ever so slowly longing is turning into mourning, which despite the sadness it is a step into the right direction.

Comparing the relevance of connectivity with art… painting, for example, staying connected gives a relationship so many depths, hues, shadows, perspective, detail. Staying in communication gives us all the tools to make a beautiful painting. Having none of that allows us to paint stick figures, boxy houses and little else.

I am not sure how much sense this is making, but in my head it does.

Talking often to the people I love, knowing about their day, trials and tribulations: seemingly insignificant things like a car not starting, an employee quitting, a new client, a tummy ache, getting a haircut, missing an appointment, having a special meal… all these tiny bits of information paint a picture, create closeness, camaraderie, strengthens bonds.

We can choose to connect when we have time or we create the time to connect. The latter gives us a beautifully detailed, thrilling novel, the former just a sad quick punch line.

Punch line, scribble, jingle.

Not for me.

I want a novel, an inspiring painting, a symphony.

I want a real connection, not a “like” paired up with an emoticon.

Aaah! to be Roman!

Ranting / Raving Posted on Tue, November 15, 2016 19:43:42

Work in the front (room)
Party in the back (ground)

Paving my road to retirement one email at the time and in the background I have Netflix. Evening’s choice? going back and forth between The Roman Empire (or something) and some snoozer miniseries about the middle ages.

Something has caught my attention.

It is no secret that Roman ladies used their feminine charms to get what they wanted, be it brick layers or the Ceasar himself; these women could build or destroy empires with just a few rolls in the hay and also were quite capable of beginning or ending any and all uprisings, which leads me to wonder how on earth their girlie bits and pieces were constituted.

No doubt their intelligence played a big role, but let us face it: men will be men and from Augustus Maximus to Pete from the car dealership down the street they all have but one thing on their minds, so I have arrived to the conclusion that the ladies from the Greatest Empire had some sort of insanely tight clutching super powers down under which kept men as their unquestionable slaves.

I want some of that man manipulating power.
I have none whatsoever.

Also noticed that cosmetics and esthetic surgery must have been incredibly advanced in the BC’s as most of said roman ladies have humongous, balloon like boobs, gravity defying perkiness there! not muffin top waist lines and all sported puckered chubby lips… ummm… makes you wonder!

The ones from the middle ages are no better. Now, i KNOW dentistry was not at its highest in the 1400’s so those pearly whites in both boys and girls make no sense whatsoever, nor does the luscious skin or casually “just got out of bed” hair styles.

If there was ever a scary time for humans were the dark middle ages, when one had to deal with curses, demons, witches and the catholic church selling bits of paradise for a few gold coins and the roaring flames of hell if you were poor… at that time surviving was not even the biggest of concerns! so you can NOT come and tell me that nobody had a burrowed frown, bags under their eyes, wrinkles, gray hairs.

I do not believe everybody was fit and muscly and seemingly no body hair whatsoever.

Beginning to suspect that the film and TV industries are not being all that honest with us.

I think I can I think I can I think I can

Corny Cornelia Posted on Mon, November 14, 2016 20:07:41

Right this moment I feel I can achieve anything and everything I set my mind to.

Something has changed in me and I have come to the understanding that I actually AM a business owner and it is up to me to try and do something great, that will allow me to reach my 10 Year European Retirement Plan.

Today I feel the world is my oyster.

Anything is possible!

Wonderful challenges lay ahead.

I am a free, strong, self sufficient, independent, self contained lil entrepreneurial chick and it feels GREAT!

Tomorrow? who knows.

Today? I ROAR

Happy, happy!

Happy happy Happy

Corny Cornelia Posted on Sat, November 12, 2016 17:53:26


The clouds have lifted, the sky is clear, my home is zen, my heart at ease, my mind is focused, the smiles are back and the ring of laughter is heard more often than it has in the past months.

Whatever tomorrow may bring, today I am happy.

Back to segregated times

Ranting / Raving Posted on Wed, November 09, 2016 03:44:09

This is a sad, sad day for democracy.
common sense and intellect has officially perished in the USA.

cant help but feel dark days ahead of us.

Bigotry, racism, ignorance, dishonesty, mysogenism.
A horrid bully has entered the whitehouse.
Just so you are fully informed, His pet climbed on his head in 1976 and died there. It was a yellow tabby.

I need to cheer myself up… a movie with Matthew McConaughey guarantees a few shirtless scenes. It has Bradley Cooper as well so yes! MORE yummy abs.
A beer, Santitas.
3.47 in the morning.

i followed the ridiculously intricate American voting process… I have earned this middle of the night stravaganza.

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