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some jokes
Quotes, jokes & BabosadasPosted by Gala Wed, April 14, 2010 09:32:43
A guy walks into a coffee shop and sees President Bush and Colin Powell sitting together. He introduces himself and asks President Bush, “How goes the War effort, Sir?”

President Bush answers, “We’re getting ready to kill 40 million Iraqi’s and one blonde.”

The guy asks in astonishment, “Why are you killing one blonde?”

President Bush turns to Colin Powell and says, “See, I told you people wouldn’t care about the Iraqi’s.


John and Bob were inseparable childhood friends . One night, they both died in a terrible car accident. When John woke up in heaven, he began to search for Bob but could not find him anywhere. Very distraught, he ran to St.Peter and said, “St.Peter, I know Bob was killed in that accident with me, but I can’t find him!” St. Peter said, “My son, I am sorry to tell you Bob didn”t make it to Heaven.” This upset John so much that St. Peter agreed to let him see Bob one more time. St. Peter parted the clouds and John saw Bob sitting in hell with a keg on one side and a beautiful buxom blonde on the other. John looked at St. Peter skeptically and said, “Are you sure I’m in the right place?”

“My son,” St. Peter said, “looks can be deceiving. You see that keg of beer? It has a hole in it. You see that woman? She doesn’t!


What do you call a smart blonde?

A Golden Retriever


A teacher asks her class, “If there are five birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?” She calls on little Johnny.

“None, they all fly away with the first gunshot.”

The teacher replies, “The correct answer is four, but I like your thinking.” Then Little Johnny says, “I have a question for YOU. There are three women sitting on a bench having ice cream. One is delicately licking the sides of the triple scoop of ice cream. The second is gobbling down the top and sucking the cone. The third is biting off the top of the ice cream. Which one is married?”

The teacher, blushing a great deal, replies, “Well I suppose the one that’s gobbled down the top and sucked the cone.”

“The correct answer is the one with the wedding ring on… but I like your thinking”
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Thai New Year
D’oh!Posted by Gala Tue, April 13, 2010 03:36:07
Today are Thailand’s New Year celebrations, and Boy, do they ever celebrate!
The literally throw buckets of water to EVERYBODY; men, women, kids, elderly people, foreigners, grannies, policemen, drivers, they all stand by the side of the road with hoses, water guns, massive barrels filled with water, dishes, buckets, etc., nobody is safe! traffic slows down and all motorists get the wet treatment.

Loud music, food everywhere and they throw a white powder and smear it on people’s faces, I will find out what that is.

I am soaking wet! it is a lot of fun!!
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D’oh!Posted by Gala Sun,
April 11, 2010 03:52:23

Ok, 11 days no talking, trying hard to meditate and generate “loving kindness” to the world….

The bed was in in fact made of stone, the pillow a chunk of wood and surprisingly comfortable; the room-needless to say- had neither AC nor fan, but it did have open niches all around it, designed for theoretical ventilation… ahhh! if only there would have been some breeze in the 32o weather! the holes in the room where convenient for spiders (massive) frogs, flies, mosquitoes, centipede, scorpions and for other creepy crawlies to find solace and relief in my room from the hellish Thai summer heat. (Thank God for that Mosquito net!)

The showers… Mamma mia! erotic in nature impractical in reality: done in open air, with a fountain and a bucket (I am NOT kidding) and all women wearing a sarong and washing under it… it seems some really developed a technique, I most certainly did NOT: My sarong was see through, black and more like a pashmina I wrapped around me which would tend to cling when wet making it impossible to soap myself properly with one hand whilst the other one poured water over me.
I felt like a wet dog. HATED it.

Got up at 4am every morning, did my darnedest to meditate but unfortunately was unable to find enlightenment; I did, however, come to some pretty deep realizations which are more so boring than personal to post in the blog; I also came to some less elevated conclusions and questions: is it REALLY necessary to get up at 4am to meditate? 5.30 wouldn’t do just the same? why can’t I meditate lying down instead of the lotus position? is salt in the food REALLY such a commodity? Do Monks wear underwear or their bits are just dangling under the robes?

This and many other questions arose whilst I was trying to reach Nirvana.
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D’oh!Posted by Gala Mon, March 29, 2010 10:45:29
Tomorrow I fly to Thailand to enter a Monastery (I kid you not) for a 10 day (12 really)meditation silence retreat with some Buddhist Monks down south…
Stone bed, wooden pillow (that has me very impressed) not a word uttered in 10 days, 2 light vegetarian meals a day, getting up at ungodly hours (schedule detailed below) and I don’t even wanna think about the showers as i suspect they may not have hot water.
No internet, no computer, Ipod, books… just me, my demons and my aching body… Oh dear, sounds horrid now that I put it in writing!
I honestly do not know why I do these things to myself

Here are the Basic Rules:
During the retreat, all participants are required to observe some basic rules. This is for the ben¬e¬fit of everyone – a very important part of getting you to the right frame of mind for med¬ita¬tion – and because you will be staying on monastery grounds. You must:
* Keep complete silence throughout the retreat
(exceptions: personal interviews from Day 3 to Day 8 and emergencies).
* Stay within the boundaries of the retreat center.
* Keep the Eight Precepts, which are
* 1.Intend not to take away any breath(abstain from killing).
* 2.Intend not to take away what is not given (abstain from stealing).
* 3.Intend to keep one’s mind and one’s body free from any sexual activity.
* 4.Intend not to harm others by speech.
* 5.Intend not to harm one’s consciousness with substances that intoxicate and lead to carelessness (no alcohol, no drugs, no smoking etc).
* 6.Intend not to eat between after noon and before dawn.(what?! NO COOKIES??)
* 7.Intend not to dance, sing, play or listen to music, watch shows, wear garlands, ornaments and beautify oneself with perfumes and cosmetics.
* 8.Intend not to sleep or sit on luxurious beds and seats.(they make damned sure about that one!)
his is the moral code for those who seek normalcy plus lightness and simplicity in living.
The abstain from killing and stealing seems quite easy… now! but I am not sure if I would not break somebody’s neck for a Hersey bar after day 4…
No eating between meals… no dancing or singing…no sex (that is easy) and I do hope that soap, toothpaste and deo are not considered cosmetics or pretty soon the place is gonna stick with all of us crazies!
(With some modifications on Day 9 and Day 10)
04.00 *** Wake up *** = Monastery bell
04.30 Morning Reading
04.45 Sitting meditation
05.15 Yoga / Exercise
07.00 *** Dhamma talk & Sitting meditation
08.00 Breakfast & Chores
10.00 *** Dhamma talk
11.00 Walking or standing meditation
11.45 *** Sitting meditation
12.30 Lunch & chores
14.30 *** Meditation instruction & Sitting meditation
15.30 Walking or standing meditation
16.15 *** Sitting meditation
17.00 *** Chanting & Loving Kindness meditation
18.00 Tea & hot springs
19.30 *** Sitting meditation
20.00 Group walking meditation
20.30 *** Sitting meditation
21.00 *** Bedtime
(the gates will be closed at 21.15)
21.30 *** LIGHTS OUT

Gourmet delights

D’oh!Posted by Gala
Sun, March 28, 2010 22:54:53

I never have thought of me as a picky eater, I really would gulp down anything except for peas, hate those! and liver; however, being in Asia has made me review my stand point… well that and being over 40 where the mere thought of food gains me a few pounds and NOT in the right sexy places.

So I have slowly but surely reviewed my diet…

I steer clear of:

fried stuff
pasta, noodles, etc
things made of flour (except cookies, can’t quit those)
carbonated drinks
alcohol in general
anything factory like stuff like ho-ho’s twinky and such delights

Meat looks… not healthy here and visiting local markets has certainly given me a glimpse of how many hands (feet and other body parts) touch the food that will be cooked for me, not to mention fleas, heat, dogs and many creepy crawlies roaming around the meat stands, so just to be on the safe side I quit eating anything with a face.

Considering my health and travel insurance consists of a couple of band aids and Vitamin C, I do my very best no ti get sick (Cambodian Hospitals don’t seem very hygienic..) so I drink only bottled water and bottled tea.

Mmmhmmm… so what to eat? I love all greens, broccoli, green beans, spinach and best of all: rocket salads

I went to a little street restaurant and asked for “a rocket and lamb’s lettuce salad, with fresh cherry tomatoes (cut in half) diced goat cheese and a bit of balsamic vinegar (Modena, naturally) sprayed, NOT poured, please and if you have just half a table spoon of Olive oil (first press ideally, but second will do). Absolutely no meat anywhere, if you could make REALLY sure, thank you!”

The woman just stared at me with her toothless mouth open, totally baffled, went back to the kitchen and 20 minutes later she brought me a Chinese vegetable soup with noodles.

It was delicious!

Handbook to Tourist Etiquette
D’oh!Posted by Gala Thu,
March 25, 2010 08:48:24

There are masses of us, stomping all over the planet; I consider myself a traveller rather than a tourist, yet I do want to do the touristy sites and then divert to my own thing.

Manners and common courtesy seem to be a thing of the past, so I will indulge in a self righteous note here and jot down the:

10 Commandments of a Well Mannered Tourist
Stop Embarrassing your self and your Country, ya Dumbass

1. Dress code: avoid high heels and heavy make up specially when visiting various ruins and temples: your spiked hills might be sexy while clubbing in Tokyo or Bangkok but here you are just re-engraving ancient stones. Make up runs with profuse sweating and you look damned scary.

2. General appearance: don’t try to go local: dressing as a peasant does not bring you closer to the people: you are a white New Yorker living in Manhattan’s Dakota Building… you ain’t kidding anyone

3. Sun block: use it! beats wearing layer upon layer of clothing! Asian ladies go to great extent to preserve their pearl white skin, it is believed that a wide variety of colors, materials and patterns all mixed together have better sun blocking effect, this includes: black elbow length gloves, white t-shirt with a whacky print; bright green flowery silk blouse (open to show off the T-shirt’s fun design); electric pink cotton hoodie; chequered scarf; BIG straw hats or plastic caps about 20 cms in length to cover face; massive fly style shades; silver plastic-like pants with black embroidery (I kid you not, it matches the gloves..); golden sneakers; an eye poking umbrella with Hello Kitty patterns; LV, Gucci, Prada or Carrefour handbags.

4. Hygiene: OK, so you are a backpacker and like to rough it, we get it! but come on! a little bar of soap and washing powder does NOT take up that much space! lose the Dope pipe and make room for a Dove bar, for Pete’s sake!

5. Pedicure: you are showing your tootsies to the world and yourself with those beaded sandals you just bought, how about getting rid of the 3 inches of dead skin which certainly make you look taller? Black toenails are NOT the new French Pedicure! (Refer to point 4)

6. Pictures: making, taking and getting out of the way of them:
a) When making a picture, do be considerate: there are 200 people looking at the same chunk of rock, DO NOT TAKE SO BLOODY LONG! No matter what a massive camera and lens you got, or what funky posses you might adopt to take the shot, chances are the picture will not make it to National Geographic; anything over 18 seconds is too long.
b) When taking a picture for somebody else: make sure you don’t chop off head, feet or make them look the size of an ant; show the photo to the owner of the camera to see if he wants a retake, only 1 retake is allowed, for anything more than that bring your own damned photographer.
c) Get out of the way: step aside if you see someone is about to take a shot; If you see somebody kindly stepping aside, the rule is 10 seconds, not 18, a Thank You! is in order.

7. This is an obvious one, but had to be said: DO NOT LITTER! Just because local people treat their sites as open waste bins, that does not mean you can; organic waste is not cool either, drop that mindset of “in this weather that half eaten banana will be compost by tomorrow”.

8. Comparisons & qualifications: so you are a big huge traveller and you want the world to know so you share you invaluable (and seemingly endless) knowledge at the top of your lungs… news flash: world does NOT care to know if this temple reminds you of that you visited in 1972 in the western Pao Thang before the civil war “now THAT was travelling, not like now”. No need to qualify either: we know it is big, old, impressive, hot, amazing, beautiful, profound, funny, awesome, incredible, etc so again: use your inside voice for such obvious statements.

9. Silence: please OH PLEASE do not be screaming at all times! If your group of friends are on the other side of the Pagoda, Museum, Temple, Building, Bridge, etc. do not attempt to lure them by your side by yelling and pointing out to an amazing statue or pretty picture; fights with spouses and children’s disciplining should also be done quietly, we know you are a great parent, but watching you bitch-slap your kid or wife is no fun. LOUD IS OUT.

10. Three words: deodorant, deodorant, deodorant.


D’oh!Posted by Gala Sun, February 28, 2010 13:56:00
SO I spent 3 full days in Bangkok, doing the tourist thing and working just enough not to feel guilty.
Several things made an impression, first and foremost the fact that on the city map everything seems so close and it’s damned far when you walk, funny thing is to stop a taxi, tuc tuc or scooter/taxi and invariably they will say that the place is too close, too far or too much traffic to go that way…. err… is that not the bleeping reason for me to take a cab??? because the place is far??? If I want to take a tuc-tuc to save me 10 loooong blocks and be in time to catch a movie I might as well forget about it! I never quite got the “right” distance to be able to hail a taxi.

My friends have told me about the seedy, downright illegal Bangkok bars where girls are capable of shooting -with brutal force- golf balls, razors and all sorts of things out of their… birth canal , well I just could not believe that! I mean, we are all equipped more or less the same, some prettier accessories than others, I’ll grant you that, but it is just impossible to achieve that no matter how many funky exercises a girl might when no-one is looking…

So I ask the reception girl at the hotel where the bars where, “the bad ones, like in the movies” I would say -she looked at me funny, pointed some are in the map and II gingerly set of to find them ball popping girls, miraculously managed to get a scooter taxi (best invention ever, although I am normally twice the size of the Tiny Thai driver), get down and sure enough there are tons of bars, food stands, and people selling from Rolex watches to Bob Marley aprons; I walked like a camel in search of water, miles and miles and miles of bar after bar and no ball popping girls, in fact it was all quite healthy: families sitting around, sipping lemonades and watching over their kids lovingly as they held hands… all quite disgusting, really! where are the Lady-boys?? the razor spitting girls?! the scary looking transvestites??the massage parlours with multitudinous happy endings??!! NADA, cero, nichts, niente, rien, not a thing!! there were a few young drunkards who appeared to be on a fraternity/bachelor trip and girls pulling them from the arm into dark corners, there were some girls walking around and those frat boys cat calling and inviting them for drinks… but me? ME??? nobody even looked at me!! I was invisible.

I know that there are people who are a magnet for trouble and whilst I am well aware that I am a healthy one, but could I possibly have started sending granny signals?? am I invisible??!!

I just wanted to be really bad for a day or at least see really bad things.

I am soooo boring, not even in Bangkok do I see action!


Back to Warm
D’oh!Posted by Gala
Fri, February 12, 2010 01:28:48
I just booked my flight from Phuket to Bangkok and a hotel in the Asian Sin City, where I will be spending 3 days by myself.. some friends are betting I will break my vow of celibacy there… hmmm… wanna bet again??

Let us examine the evidence:
1) There are like 5 million (born as) women; seemingly all of them are young, thin, delicate, cute, readily available and easier than 1+1.
2) then you have the male population where 90% are young, thin, delicate, cute, readily available and easier than 1+1 AND way more feminine than I will ever be. (the remaining 10% are midget sumo wrestlers).
3) Lastly, those ex pats who are looking for young, thin, delicate, cute, readily available and easier than 1+1 girls OR boys (really doesn’t make a difference there).

Adding ALL of the above to the fact that I am not into one -or 3- night stands plus the fact that I am stupidly mourning lost loves that were never meant to be, well… what can I say?

I will save myself for marriage.


Mushy Stuff / Mariconadas
Posted by Gala Tue, February 02, 2010 03:12:20

Just arrived to Berlin, sporting my fabulous tan and sleeveless blouse to be met with the full blown German winter, snow and all.
Having traveled with one of those cheaper airlines (todos los nacos-garrulos de Alemania aparentemente son Frequent Flyers) I had to walk from the aircraft to the terminal shivering like a a new born chicken. The shock was double as I had not worn real shoes for a year and a half and my feet have morphed into free spirited paws which simply refuse the constriction of footwear… Descending from the plane under such conditions was NOT a pretty sight.

Alex and Bastian picked me up at the airport bringing me a winter jacket and chocolate; they are HUGE skinny -but muscled- and (horror!) wearing a jogging suit, Alex sporting a raggedy looking hairstyle, couldn’t help to ask if it was o purpose or just a REALLY bad hair day, the answer was “none of the above”.

Their Dad is away on a trip (Gott sei danke) so we have the house all for ourselves, despite the fact that I bitterly complaint about the cold, the Boys are running around in shorts and tank tops as they say they had never had the heating cranked up so high; I guess they are “playing summer”

They both seem delighted to see me, they had gone grocery shopping and got me all my favorite things: tons of fruit, chocolate, cherry juice and like 5 types of cheeses; they made dinner and committed them selves to making all meals and taking care of anything I could possibly need.

I realize I have brought them up exactly as they way I consider men to be perfect (except for the jogging suit), they are polite, cultured, healthy, sporty and have a wicked sense of humor. Of course this is day 1 of a 24/7 week together, most probably we will all have very different opinions by the end of the visit.

I have decided to stay at home all day, all the time, regardless of the boys claims that it is a beautiful warm day much appreciated after temperatures 20o lower last week, I think it is just an unusually cruel punishment to make me go out, I will just stay with the boys, work on Laureus (had 28 emails pending) and concentrate on Myrtle Beach. This week I have to make a whole lot of decisions based on that and I can do nothing but wait.

Oh! and needless to say, my much desired, deeply longed for months meeting with that “friend” will not happen.. i KNEW it wouldn’t (he has given no signs of life) but Gawd! how I HOPED it would… stupid, stupid woman *sight*

Such is life!

D’oh!Posted by Gala
Thu, January 28, 2010 10:47:38

Walking around Patong and seeing SO many blonds, and British -2 of my fav things put together- I could not help to wonder if I ever will date again, it would be lovely but I just don’t think so… seems SO far away, so complicated!

The whole love thing appears to be such a fleeting, unreliable and deceptive feeling which invariably ends up in pain and/or suffering, it just doesn’t seem worth the risk and effort.

Perfectly happy just window shopping those surfers and cute looking foreigners in Thailand.

I do hope I eat my words at some point in my life, but just now I can’t even bring myself to even consider for a MINUTE to have an affair… This would be unheard of 2 18 months ago, even 6 months back!

Scary what a cocktail of guy disappointment and a Muslim country can do to a woman’s spirits, the first most disheartening of all.


D’oh!Posted by Gala Wed,
January 27, 2010 07:25:49
Having a GREAT time in Phuket, this place is awesome!

Since it looks like I will most certainly be by myself and homeless 2 weeks in Feb, I just might spend that time here in Thailand (curse men!!)

Sun, beaches a tiny bikini and internet, a girl does not need more!

Mission accomplished

D’oh!Posted by Gala Sat, January 23, 2010 15:43:45
Tonight is my last night in Khunfunadhoo Island, Baa Atoll Republic of Maldives.

D- E – L – I G – H – T – E – D

I have accomplished all that I set myself out to do here and then some: learned TONS of things in terms of work and a brand new industry, made GREAT new friends who will last me a life time, realized that I can pretty much live anywhere under almost any type of circumstances -provided I have internet-, fell in love with Skype all over again AND…

Taaaaa Daaaa!!!!!

Got my PADI license for diving!!!!

… of course, being me and the way I am, I got it the day I am leaving, so I can’t dive any more…

I guess I will just have to sacrifice and move to Thailand for a month and live in one of those surfer/diving /sea side places…

life IS tough!
(did I mention surfing place?… as in full of SURFERS?!!?

Those of you who are old enough, sing to Simon & Garfunkel:

And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson
Heaven holds a place for those who pray
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

D’oh!Posted by Gala
Fri, January 22, 2010 08:01:33

Just finished working for the cheapest lamest most unsophisticated person I have come across… and he is supposed to manage a high-luxury resort, imagine that!

Just gave my uniform back, cleaned my PC and I am BACK to my jeans and MacBook, working in a cool event, on my way to a Thai holiday.

Life is sweet!

Falling into place

D’oh!Posted by Gala
Sun, January 17, 2010 11:45:40

Got a gig in Abu Dhabi… SO exciting! 3 weeks in UAE, working with my mates in something I REALLY like and it will enable me to live for 1 year in Thailand (or 2 weeks in Florence…)

There is a God and She loves me!!!

So, according to my master plan I will meet my best friends in Phuket, then off to Berlin with my Boys, if I get lucky a few days away with that elusive oh! SO terribly desired Mr. a Destiempo somewhere in Europe OR traveling… gawd knows where.

The land of Liberty is singing my name, luring me like a chubby Sexy Siren and I cannot wait to be there.

Wonderful project.

Candles are burning

D’oh!Posted by Gala Tue,
January 12, 2010 13:16:47

Ok, so I screwed up…
I let my hot temper get the best of me… the Guerrero got to my head… and my head got chewed big time.

So now that I am cool, I have a ton of things to say, but he is so DAMNED mad at me I’m afraid I can’t do a thing.

When the hell did I get to be the bad guy ALWAYS??? Granted, I a ain’t no saint, but I own up to my fu*k ups, and just cause I take responsibility doesn’t mean I am the ONLY one at fault.

Darn… gotta find a place to stay now… how did I go from a romantic getaway to living under a bridge?!

10 days left here! toc toc tic toc…


Mushy Stuff / Mariconadas
Posted by Gala Sun, January 10, 2010 10:17:47

How easy we give up on things.

Seems love is just not worth the effort, too much hassle!

Please bring me a Hero, one who doesn’t hide behind anger or a computer screen and who is willing to hold hands both in public and when things get rough.


Mushy Stuff / Mariconadas
Posted by Gala Sat, January 09, 2010 00:51:35

I am SO happy!

My son has just added me to his Face Book!!

I am not really one who needs anybody’s validation in order to feel good about myself, but this one? this one is a whole new ball game!

Allow me to repeat:

My incredibly private TEENAGER son has ADDED me, on his own accord to his list of friends…

Wow… I admit that if technology had been back then what it is now, not in a MILLION years would I have added my Mom!

So I make a motherly oath:

1) I shall NEVER post a comments on his mate’s comments
2) I shall NEVER correct his appalling use of language
3) I vow NEVER to post anything on his wall (unless it is an undeniably cool link)
4) I vow I shall never try to appear “cool” or “with it” in his postings
5) I swear I will ALWAYS go in and check the tarts who pester my Baby

I shall keep my word So help me God.

Validated Mother

Mushy Stuff / Mariconadas
Posted by Gala Tue, January 05, 2010 08:29:36

I was talking to somebody some days back about feeling terribly sad, demotivated, depressed really. I mentioned how difficult things seem to be at the moment and how damned hard it was to even get out of bed in the mornings, heck! Didn’t even work out for DAYS!
Anybody who might know me would realize that this is very unlike me, that I do tend to be overly cynical and sour (a bitch, I admit it) when I am not well and above all I keep to myself, but I do not go moping around and certainly don’t roll up in a ball and die.
I don’t expect people to motivate me, as this only I can do, it is all in me and I have all I need to overcome difficult situations (an unsatisfying job, a hard life in a tiny island, the passing away of people very dear to me, disappointments in love) I can get over ALL of it… Danm! I think I am known for being strong and facing up anything that might come my way! So I was seriously take aback when the reaction of this person was so harsh, along the lines of “stop feeling sorry for yourself and get off your ass” sort of thing.
This had a very negative effect on me, not unlike a fist to my face or a kick in the… you catch my drift.
A few days later I was able to put words to the sensations and realized that what I was inadvertently looking for was compassion. I can appreciate the good intention of the guy and his “tough love” (sans the love part) thing, I KNOW there was no ill intention behind it and yet, there it was: a big fist on my face.
This made me think that in this day and age, where we are so used to having everything so fast, immediate satisfaction, change it at a click of a button, hit delete and forget about him/her/it, if you don’t like it discard it, there is always something better, prettier faster; I think that we are not used to dealing with certain emotions anymore, we have this need to always be on the move with a Colgate smile and positive attitude.
Now don’t get me wrong! I am all for positive + vibes + smiles and the whole 9 yards! But at times we do need to stop, don’t we? And be aware of what we really feel, even when it is not so pleasant we need to deal with it. Not everything can be brushed under the carpet, it shouldn’t! When did the greeting “How Are you?” stopped being an actual question? I don’t think that we have stopped caring, but I do think that our senses are… clogged: we don’t hear and see as we could I won’t even mention touch because my mind goes immediately to the gutter but do ask yourself: when was the last time that you gave a nice tight hug and aware of it? (not with your mind drifting) when was the last time that you actually asked “How are you” wanting to really know? I am not getting al self righteous here (hate those people!) but all I am saying is that there are 3 little words we seem to have forgotten, and would not be bad to swing them back into our vocabulary
Compassion denotes deep awareness of the suffering of another and the wish to relieve it
Sympathy denotes the act of or capacity for sharing in the sorrows or troubles of another
Empathy is an identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives.
Thank god for dictionaries!

Thought of the Month
“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”

Oscar Wilde
Irish Author and Poet