A full year of catching up, catching my breath.
Wonderful, exciting, nerve wrecking year filled with a bit of everything! Mostly visits to Lowe’s really.

I remodeled my shoebox town house and now it is a sassy shoebox townhouse; many, many pictures shall follow.

Had a serious boyfriend who lasted less than 1 season and although I can’t help but feel I wasted a good man I had to run; the depth of feeling -now I realize- was about a tenth of an inch; considering I was “his everything” you would think he must be quite devastated at losing… Well, everything!
Apparently not. So that was that.

Business is going well! Happy with that! Can not imagine what it will be like when I actually apply myself!!

Soooo many thing to be said about children, this is one scary generation in many levels. More on this.

Good god this is one boring post! just wanted to get into the swing of blogging again.
Considering only I know the existence of this site I suppose as long as I am pleased then it’s a win.

Oh! Went to the monastery for a 3rd time an received 2015 on the stone bed, listening to the party from afar.