It seems I am stuck on the one subject but the other day I was thinking about dating life in this day & age (more the age than the day) and came to the conclusion that dating when one is pushing 50 is not unlike playing musical chairs when we were little; One has To be on fast on the feet, take split second decisions and be a bit of a c*nt with the competition… An elbow here, a shove there, trip a friend, punch the neighbor.

Everything is fair game just to get your butt on that chair.

As the game (of life) progresses there are fewer and fewer chairs and one is getting more and more tired.

Being single and older is like being close to the end of the game; I realize that I passed up one chair for being too hard, the other was too soft; one broke on me and another one I broke. Too unstable, too frilly, too plain, too modern, too used, too unreliable, too far, too close, too short, too big, too small.

It’s like a goldilocks plays musical chairs, she is an indecisive, impossible to please nosy little princess, it can’t possibly end well for her.

Except that it does… Maybe it does… Hopefully it does…

She is currently sitting on what appears to be a (pre owned) Royal Throne found at a thrift store. “What a find!” She congratulates herself.

A short month into it and so far it seems comfy, warm and safe… Wonder if it has wood rot? faulty springs? A broken leg?

Time will tell.