1. belief that is not based on proof

2. belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion

3. A system of religious beliefs

There is a great difficulty to understand deeply religious people, their beliefs and faith… that is whole different blog but i do have trouble reconciling intelligence with faith, it seems that one cancels the other; it definitely sends common sense out the window, faith does.

A few days ago, as I was secretly belittling somebody speaking of god and how he (or she… ) would provide, fix, give, sort out, appear and make all things in that person’s little world right, and then it hit me: faith, that blind believe without any logical backbone is not really limited to church goes and bible thumpers, it made me think of a particular personal situation I am going trough, in which all evidence indicates that what (who) I long for is not feasible; what I am told is not accurate; common sense is YELLING at the top of its voice: GO, LEAVE, RUUUUNNNN!!!!!

Intellectually I know it is not likely to happen, self preservation tells me not to believe; my patched up hearts begs me to move on; stomach in knots, throat dry, sleepless nights.

All warning flags and what do I choose? I choose to believe, to believe in the possibility of love.

And it is ridiculous.

I think this is a sample of non religious faith.
This is what people who believe dinosaurs roamed the earth as the same time as Attila the Hun must experience… if their intellect ever had a pulse.

I know, I know, I know, I KNOW it doesn’t make sense, I know the situation is… dubious to say the least, stupid to state the obvious and yet, there is this little bit of me that chooses to believe that maybe, oh god! maybe it just might work out; perhaps all logic and experience is wrong: what he says is true, what he feels is real: what he wants is us.

Maybe, just… maybe.

And from that sliver of hope, hope that there is something greater than me, hope for love, hope for growth, hope for passion, hope for partnership,
Hope for laughter, hope for romance,
Hope for intimacy, hope for joy.
Hope for happiness.

From this hope, faith is born.