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Say whaaaat?!

Ranting / Raving Posted on Thu, October 13, 2016 20:39:06

So I am teaching a 3rd grade Spanish class and I ask my students why they think it is important, useful, advantageous to learn a second language.. or not.
With loads of help and prompting we figured out one could make friends, travel, help people, become smarter; have a heads up in life, etc.

This kid raises his hand, at the tender age of 9 he already has a manly jaw, Beaver hair and waaaay too self confident “above it all” blue eyes and he spits out, without any hint of malice:

“It is important I learn Spanish so I can tell the gardener and maid EXACTLY how I like things done and what they need to do”

I think he had his polo shirt’s collar flipped up.

My heart broke a little.


Corny Cornelia Posted on Thu, October 13, 2016 20:14:18

I should probably clarify that I am not dying of non- reciprocated love here.
I am standing strong. focused, determined.

I basically took a gamble, I AM taking a gamble and the odds are not necessarily looking to my favor; will know fr sure in a few days.

You see, I just finished my 4th Buddhist Boot camp and I find myself hypersensitive to ANYTHING that might be a personal short coming, potential for growth and development. Whilst I always had a sneaking suspicion that in terms of romance I am the biggest coward who ever lived, I have now encountered an opportunity to prove to myself that I have grown and developed… don’t want to spell the “L” word (not lesbian.. you all know where I stand with that particular issue) so the thing is: since not running away and staying put is a brand new territory for me, I am having a bit of difficulty discerning fact from fiction. I know what I feel and what I want HOWEVER I see what there is and actions -not my own, I am as clear and pushy as I have ever been- are not filling my heart with certainty.

Real or fake?
reality or delusion?
Growth or decline?
Fact or fiction?
ground of flight?