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Embracing and loving what half a century of bouncing around has taught me.

Don't bounce too hard, too fast,too slow and whatever I do, I do at my own rhythm.

ALMOST there

Random nonsense Posted on Sat, November 19, 2016 08:48:51

So my feet are touching the ground and my head is leaving the clouds.

I’m almost back to normal on matters of the heart; now in matters of the biz that is quite a different story,

The drive and excitement!!
SO much to do! So many possibilities!

Life is good!

That’ll do

Random nonsense Posted on Tue, October 18, 2016 23:02:31

I think I am done with my little pity party.

It might be time to count my romantic loses and move on. My quota of drama, neglect and nonsense has been filled.

How tiring and mono thematic I am being lately! I have so much going on and so much going for me and I flatly refuse to be limited to this one sad, recurring little topic.

Moving on.

Had to grade about 270 students… grading means I have to know their names, nicknames, faces, last names. More importantly, grading means revenge.

(maniacal evil laughter)

I would never allow personal opinions to weigh on a child’s grade.
Report cards are a serious and Important matter to me and, albeit tough, I am fair with my students.


Random nonsense Posted on Sun, October 16, 2016 19:14:58

A little bit of advice: if you are hurting due to unrequited, unattended, vague, confusing, non committal or any unpleasant, painful side of this ridiculous cosmic joke called love, avoid at all costs the movie Serendipity.





It won’t matter if you went shopping, got yourself new shoes, sweaters and jeans; the fact that you fitted into a smaller size will be uneventful; it wont really make a difference that handsome old flame -who you have been putting off for weeks- shows up at your doorstep unannounced.
No matter what happens you shall remain devastated.

Hollywood does horrible things to romantic people.

Can hardly wait to have my munchkins tomorrow, some of my favorite classes and my volunteer gig should definitely lifts my spirits… that and wearing those super cute new shoes

Could it be

Random nonsense Posted on Sat, August 29, 2015 19:27:10

That the best dating years are behind me?
Could it be that amongst the string of men who have decked my halls was “the one”?

Refuse to believe that.


More later

Catching up

Random nonsense Posted on Mon, August 17, 2015 16:07:59

A full year of catching up, catching my breath.
Wonderful, exciting, nerve wrecking year filled with a bit of everything! Mostly visits to Lowe’s really.

I remodeled my shoebox town house and now it is a sassy shoebox townhouse; many, many pictures shall follow.

Had a serious boyfriend who lasted less than 1 season and although I can’t help but feel I wasted a good man I had to run; the depth of feeling -now I realize- was about a tenth of an inch; considering I was “his everything” you would think he must be quite devastated at losing… Well, everything!
Apparently not. So that was that.

Business is going well! Happy with that! Can not imagine what it will be like when I actually apply myself!!

Soooo many thing to be said about children, this is one scary generation in many levels. More on this.

Good god this is one boring post! just wanted to get into the swing of blogging again.
Considering only I know the existence of this site I suppose as long as I am pleased then it’s a win.

Oh! Went to the monastery for a 3rd time an received 2015 on the stone bed, listening to the party from afar.